About the hCG Diet

Why does the Skinny Me! diet work?

The hCG Diet was first introduced by Dr.Simeon who wrote the Original Pounds and Inches Protocol over 55 years ago. Clinical observation and medical research have continually shown the hCG medical weight loss diet to be successful and effective when followed properly. Please take note that this is not a fad diet…this is a medically supervised weight loss program. Dr. Simeon’s original protocol (Phase 2) consists of 42 days of hCG administration along with a 500 calorie metabolic diet, also known as VLCD (very low calorie diet). The foods include lobster, shrimp, whitefish, sirloin and poultry white meats, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, even pretzels! The unique meal plan in conjunction with a daily administration of the hCG hormone promotes significant weight loss …typically 20-30 pounds for women and 30-50 pounds for men in six weeks. This program is safe and effective. Maintenance (Phase 3), the most important part of this plan, our staff will teach you the steps to reset the hypothalamus and maintain your new set weight so you don’t gain the weight back after the diet.

The main job of the hCG hormone is to gather excessive or abnormal fat (which over time can cause heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes) and releases 1500-4000 fat calories into the bloodstream. When the fat cells are released they produce Leptin, which is natural appetite suppressant, therefore you experience the sensation of fullness after eating.
So, let’s get started~

Why will I not regain the weight?

HCG targets excessive and abnormal stored fat first.  It gathers it, dumps it into the bloodstream, and out it goes through the urinary system.  Once the fat is removed the cell fills with body fluid and water and within a day and a half is also dumped into the bloodstream and eliminated through the urinary system.  During the three week maintenance phase the metabolic processes reset, meaning your metabolism is set to a higher rate, your hunger pangs are set to a lower rate, and your body begins to protect you at your new skinny weight.  The hypothalamus now works off what is considered excess fat and also stores what you may need for later.

Do the shots hurt and why do I take them daily?

No, the shots do not hurt.  The syringes are the same size that are used for allergy or diabetic injections.  For HCG to be most effective it needs to remain at a therapeutic level in your system which means a daily injection at the same time everyday (once every 24 hours).  It is the same idea as when a doctor prescribes an antibiotic and tells you to take it at the same time every day for it to be effective.

Am I going to be hungry if I can only have 500 calories?

If you properly “Load and Gorge” the first two days of your HCG weight loss program you will not be hungry.  Remember that HCG is releasing up to 4000 calories of fat into your system daily.  Your stomach will recognize the fat and be satisfied. not knowing whether it was ingested in the form of a burger or steak or because HCG was responsible.  The 500 calories you will be eating will provide the proper daily nutritional levels your body needs in addition to the multi-vitamins you will be taking.  The diet very much parallels the Heart Smart or Heart Association diet and is designed to be nutritionally balanced.

Why is it mandatory to do a maintenance plan?

The three week maintenance plan is mandatory because it is during this time that your hypothalamus re-registers in your brain.  Your metabolic processes are reset:  your metabolism resetting higher and your hunger pangs resetting lower.  During this three weeks your weight should not vary more than two pounds over or under your last injection weight which will in turn allow your hypothalamus to reset and protect the new skinny you!

What is the difference in HCG drops verses injections/Nasal spray?

HCG injections/Nasal Spray research has been proven to be the only effective method in this weight loss program.  hCG is a pure, live hormone that arrives in a concentrated powder form and is reconstituted into liquid formula by a Compounding pharmacy which is only prescribed to you by a licensed medical doctor.  On the other hand, hCG drops are available everywhere to anyone because they are not a prescribed medication. FDA pulled this form of psuedo-dosing and flase comsumer advertiment early this year due to  consumer complaints. So do not be fooled!

I have done the HCG program before what is different about your program?

HCG, in the proper dosage and injected intramuscularly (in the upper arm muscle or in the lateral thigh muscle), takes two days to reach a therapeutic level in the body, should be administered daily to remain at a therapeutic level, and also stays in the body for two days after the last injection.  With all of this in mind, having only one…or even three injections weekly will not allow HCG to work properly because it is not maintained at the effective levels.  Also, being injected subcutaneously (in fatty areas, such as the stomach) has been proven to be ineffective.

Why Do I have to take all the supplements?

While on a low calorie or restricted diet of any kind it is always wise to maintain healthy nutritional levels.  A multi-vitamin as a supplement is important for daily nutritional balance.  The HCG weight loss program has limitations on milk/dairy products and a minimum of 600mg of a calcium supplement is required.  Calcium helps with bone health and potassium, among other things, will keep you from getting leg cramps, muscle spasms, and restless leg.  A small amount of magnesium that is normally included in a multi-vitamin along with an additional 300mg of potassium is required also.  Potassium is a water soluble supplement AND an electrolyte that washes out of your body every time you urinate.  Therefore, it is extremely important to take 99mg of potassium three times per day to keep proper levels.  It can irritate your stomach if taken all at once.

What else do I need to purchase other than the food I eat?

You will need:

  1. A journal.  Something to record your daily weight, food intake, water intake, calories, remembered your injection, etc.
  2. A digital weight scale.  You will be weighing yourself every morning after emptying your bladder and without clothing.  Digital is important so that tracking your weight is precise.
  3. A food scale.  Any basic food scale will work as long as it measures ounces/grams.  Weighing your meats and proteins accurately will help you be successful.
  4. Your multi-vitamins, calcium supplement, and potassium supplement.
  5. Oil-free body lotion.  If you use lotion on your body, you can only use Johnson & Johnson Brand Baby Lotion (pink bottle).  It does not contain oils that can absorb into your skin.  Remember:  your skin is the largest organ of your body and you don’t want to sabotage your diet just because you used the wrong lotion!