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Welcome to Skinny Me with hCG

The Skinny Me Diet is a medical weight loss program designed to help you lose pounds and inches in a safe, effective, and proven weight loss program that follows a prescribed diet and utilizes hCG hormone injections.

We follow a protocol that was discovered over 55 years ago by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a diet protocol that has been proven to be extremely effective to help you lose weight when done correctly. And we, here at Skinny Me, do it right!

Dr. Oz changes his mind about the HCG diet

DALLAS — Dieters say the weight loss achieved from the use of HCG injections compares to lap band or gastic bypass — without the surgery.

HCG — which stands for “human chorionic gonadotropin” — is the hormone produced during pregnancy to keep the baby healthy. Advocates say HCG can also trick the body into burning fat. Read The Full Article Here…

This is a very informative video about the hCG Protocol and how it affects Leptin in your body to help you Loose Weight Fast!!

We pride ourselves with utilizing Dr. Simeons’ proven hCG diet method to help you maximize your weight loss in a three phases. hCG must be at a therapeutic level in your bloodstream consistently in order to release stored fats which means dosing every day or you are wasting your time! Our first phase is optional. It is a preparatory phase which cleanse potential toxins which may hinder weight loss.

Our second phase consists of a 42 day diet paired with hCG injections following the diet protocol, and the third phase is a three week maintenance phase. Altogether, this is the easiest, fastest, safest weight loss program you can find with medical supervision, support, guidance, and recipes.

BIG Results For Scott (150 lbs)

Scott before weight loss at 350 lbs.
Scott looses 60 lbs. on weight loss program
Scott looses another 50 lbs. using weight loss program
Scott looses 30 more pounds on weight loss program.


Amazing Results For Scott M, (75 lbs)

Picture of Scott M before starting the weight loss program

Profile picture of Scott showing slimmer waist size
Picture showing Scott wearing size M shirt



A Message From Our Founder

“We all here at Skinny Me have struggled with weight loss ourselves. You could say that we were all professional dieters at one point in our lives, and we have made it our goal to help our patients lose their weight in the most safe, fast, effective way. We want to provide a proven program that truly works. Our hCG coaches sincerely care about our patients, provide unlimited support through hCG coaching, nutritional education,  and we provide patients access to us after hours through our personal cell phones.

If you are currently researching or on an hCG program and are not medicating yourself EVERYDAY- you’re simply not on an hCG diet at all. We, here at Skinny Me, only follow Dr. Simeons’ protocol plan here due to the years of his research and proven results!  hCG is meant to be given to a patient at a therapeutic level in blood stream or it is Not effective. Think of it this way- Does one or two antibiotic pills help you fight an infection if taken so infrequently? NO, of course not! So why would taking hCG be therapeutic if only taken once or twice a week? It isn’t! Quit wasting your money, emotions, and time on programs like that. How many of you have done a weight loss program and regained all of your weight back? What’s the point, right? We pride ourselves on the research and tools Dr. Simeons has provided us with to insure permanent weight lose through resetting your hypothalamus! A true hCG program is a metabolic based diet, not calorie based at all. Let us teach you how it is REALLY done because WE DO IT RIGHT!!!” ~ Nancy Boulware, Founder